Online Panels

How to Become a Digital Archaeologist | 29 September 2022

Dr Aleks Michalewicz led this online panel discussion with three early career digital archaeologists from Australia and New Zealand, whose career paths span the consultant sector, academia, and museums. The discussion ranged from what digital archaeology means to them, how they became digital archaeologists, and the different careers digital archaeology can lead to. An open Q&A followed the recorded sections of the talk.

You can watch the panel here.

The History and Development of Technology in Australia and New Zealand Archaeology | 8 May 2021

An increasingly wide range of technologies are available for archaeologists and researchers to perform more sophisticated analyses in the field and in laboratories across the heritage sector. Using technological tools helps to minimise the impact of archaeology, especially since excavation practices are inherently destructive processes. However, how have these technologies really impacted archaeological practices? Are they completely vital for how archaeologists conduct fieldwork and research, or should they only be considered as optional tools to aid and enhance recording, analyses, and interpretations?

You can watch the panel here.

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