2021 Conference | Poster Session

Luis Alberto Alcántara Chávez


ArqueoData. A radiocarbon results database from archaeological sites in Latin America.

The international archaeology is in a field where disciplines such as computer science can provide tools to make the collection of data more efficient for its proper archaeological interpretation. The digitization of information in databases allows consultation and registration to be faster, more efficient and standardized. Despite this, Latin American archeology does not have many tools that focus on the research needs of the new continent. In this work I present ArqueoData 1.0, a database where I compile many radiocarbon dates of Mexican archaeological sites. Which can be consulted through a web interface (HTML5). The database can be updated by the same users, adding new records. Likewise, it allows you to create collections, where you can save and establish groups of the radiocarbon results that are of interest to the user. The system is a web application programmed in JavaScript by VueJS and PHP. The application does not require an installation, however for its use an internet connection is required.

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